Traumatic Dental Injury

A lost permanent tooth requires immediate action. To further reduce the damage and increase the probability of saving the tooth, pick it up without touching the root, gently clean it off with water, and put it back in its socket facing the correct way. Hold it in place with gentle pressure and go to the dental office or emergency room immediately. If the tooth is not able to be replanted in the socket, tuck it between the cheek and gum, or carry it in a container of cold milk.

For a more traumatic injury, such as a tooth that has been moved or loosened, treatment must occur within six hours. In the event of heavy bleeding, go immediately to the ER. Other dental injuries that happen most frequently are less severe. One of the most common traumatic dental injuries is chipped teeth. If a tooth is chipped, try to find any pieces that have come off, as it might be possible to reattach them. Make an appointment for an office visit as soon as possible, and bring the pieces to your dentist.