Gum Therapy - gum Recountouring

Gum contouring, also known as gum reshaping, is a cosmetic form of dental treatment used to improve the general look of a person’s teeth. It is primarily used in cases where the individual has what is commonly known as ‘gummy smile’. This is a condition in which the gums cover too much of the teeth, usually the front teeth, and this can leave the length of the teeth looking too short, which can affect a person’s general desire to smile.

Such a condition may be caused due to genetics, health circumstances or as a result of certain high blood pressure prescriptions. This can have an effect on an individual’s self-confidence and may see them do their best not to smile in public. Thankfully, gum contouring is a dental treatment which is painless and able to solve the problem of ‘gummy smile’ through quick and painless treatment.

Benefits and risks of gum contouring

This treatment can improve your smile and self-confidence. However, as with most procedures that involve cutting into tissue and bone there are certain risks involved.

  • The healing process is quick and simple, but will take slightly longer if a scalpel is used instead of a laser.
  • It is a relatively painless procedure. You will be unable to feel anything during the procedure due to the local anesthetic.
  • There may be the need to remove bone to improve the look of your teeth.
  • The removal of too much gum can cause swelling and may need to be corrected through further treatment.