Children's Dentistry - Sealants

What is a sealant?

The most common location for a cavity in a child’s mouth is on the surfaces of the back teeth. Sealants are invisible plastic resin coatings applied to children’s teeth as a preventive measure during the years in which tooth decay is most likely to occur. They smooth out the back surfaces of the teeth, protecting them. Similar to a mini-filling but without the pain or expense. According to The Surgeon General’s report on oral health, sealants provide an extra line of defense against cavities and have been proven to reduce decay but up to 70%.

How is a sealant applied?

Placing a sealant is a painless treatment that does not require numbing or shots. First, the tooth is cleaned, conditioned and dried.  Then, the sealant is applied to the tooth in a liquid form that hardens in about a minute. There is no downtime, numbness, soreness or pain. Your child will be able to eat right after the appointment.

How long does a sealant last?

Research shows that sealants can last for many years if properly maintained. It is fairly common to see adults with sealants still intact from their childhood. Most importantly, your child will be protected throughout the most cavity-prone years. Your dentist will check the sealants during routine dental visits and recommend re-application or repair if necessary.

Caring for sealants

Sealed teeth require the same dental hygiene as unsealed teeth. Your child should continue to brush and floss their teeth daily and have regular professional cleanings.

How much does it cost?

The treatment is very affordable and most dental insurance companies cover sealants. Our staff will perform a complimentary insurance benefit check to confirm if your insurance company will cover the cost.