Children Dentistry - Stainless Steel Crowns

Why would baby teeth need a stainless steel crown?

Baby teeth or primary teeth decay much faster than permanent teeth. This allows cavities to spread rapidly and even damage the permanent teeth. When the cavity is too large to be repaired with a filling, a crown is the last line of defense. Full coverage crowns allow the tooth to continue functioning while also preserving the space for the developing permanent tooth underneath. If your child has a permanent tooth in need of a crown, stainless steel crowns preserve the tooth until it has fully developed and can have a permanent option such as a porcelain crown later on.

What is the procedure for a stainless steel crown?

Unlike adult crown treatments, stainless steel crowns can be completed in just one visit. First, the area is completely numbed using a local anesthesia, the tooth is prepped, and the affected tooth structure is removed to get rid of any decay. The tooth is then prepared so that the crown can be cemented into place.

Are there any special precautions or maintenance requirements?

After treatment, the child should not eat anything hard or sticky, as pieces can get stuck under the crown. Hard candy or bubble gum can also displace a crown, which requires that the child is brought back to the office to have it re-cemented. Parents should carefully monitor what a child eats after treatment. Softer foods are most recommended. It is also important to continue a healthy tooth regimen by brushing teeth and the gums regularly.