Arestin Therapy

What is Arestin?

Periodontal (gum) disease is caused by a bacterial infection that can lead to the destruction of tissue and bone around your teeth which can cause tooth loss. ARESTIN® is an antibiotic treatment that comes in powder form and is placed inside infected periodontal pockets just after the scaling and root planing (SRP) procedure.

How does Arestin work?

ARESTIN® powder contains “Microspheres,” which are tiny, bead-like particles that are smaller than grains of sand and are not visible to the eye. The Microspheres are filled with the antibiotic minocycline, and they release the drug over time into the infected periodontal pocket, killing bacteria that live there. If you have gum disease, adding ARESTIN® to scaling and root planing (SRP) will help kill bacteria at the root of the problem.

Speak with your dentist if you think you may be a candidate for Arestin.