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Professional Smile and Teeth Whitening

In-office and at-home options for a brighter, whiter teeth.

Are you a fan of sodas, coffees, and spicy foods? Over time, consumption of these beverages and foods may have led to a dull, less-than-perfect white smile. With our smile whitening options, you can overcome the impact everyday foods, drinks, tobacco – even aging! – have on your smile.

Whiten your teeth in our office!

In a comfortably scheduled appointment, our smile experts will discuss your whitening goals and administer ZOOM® whitening to substantially brighten your smile. In-office whitening gives you:

  • The safest, most effective form of teeth bleaching
  • Immediate and noticeable improvement in the whiteness of teeth
  • Prevent gum and tooth sensitivity caused by over-the-counter whitening products
  • Applied in a conveniently scheduled appointment by a whitening specialist
  • Control the “evenness” of your whitened smile

Want to whiten your teeth at home?

We offer professional-strength at-home whitening programs! You will be given a tray system, custom made to match the impression of your teeth, and a powerful whitening bleach. Compared to over-the-counter whitening products, our take home trays:

  • Provide a consistently brighter smile
  • Whiten hard to reach areas of your teeth
  • Clean, mess-free application
  • Comfortable wear while whitening
  • Whiten your teeth at your own pace

Stop fumbling with messy, annoying and sometimes painful
over-the-counter whitening strips. Schedule a whitening
appointment with us today!