Human tooth cross-section (3d model)

Saving Teeth – From The Inside Out

Sometimes a tooth becomes infected. This often happens when a tooth becomes damaged from a traumatic injury, when a deep cavity has gone untreated, or when a cracked or broken tooth has not been fixed. When this infection reaches the pulp area of the tooth – the nerve cell center of the tooth – it causes pain and swelling.

A root canal is often the best approach to preserving the affected tooth. Also known as endodontic treatment, this process involves:

  • The “opening up” of the affected tooth
  • A gentle removal of the affected pulp
  • Thorough cleaning of the tooth’s interior
  • Filling the tooth with a composite material
  • A final cleaning and polishing of the tooth

Depending on the extent of the procedure, pain medication may be prescribed to be used in the days following the treatment. Following the healing process, a dental crown will be placed as the final step in restoring the affected tooth.

Gentle edndodontic treatment

In situations when a tooth is badly damaged, our first prerogative is always to save the tooth. With in-house endodontic treatment, we help patients retain their natural smile. Putting off a root canal off will eventually lead to the loss of the tooth.

If you suspect you need a root canal or are experiencing pain in a
tooth, please contact us immediately. We will carefully exam the
tooth and present you with a treatment plan.