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Custom Crown Design

Full coverage crowns are one of the most important restorations when it comes to preserving the health of your smile.

Crowns are among the last line of defense for restoring teeth that have been compromised by large cavities, failing restorations, or traumatic injury. A dental crown has the ability to:

  • Protect compromised tooth enamel
  • Restore the tooth to normal functioning capabilities
  • Retain a tooth that may otherwise require future extraction
  • Preserve teeth that have undergone a root canal treatment
  • Match the color of surrounding natural teeth

Beautiful Crowns at Your Convenience.

At Linden Dental Associates, we happily offer both traditional and same-day crowns. Traditional porcelain crowns are completed in two appointments, and recommended for patients who want to break up their treatments. In the first visit, we will prep the tooth, take an impression and place a temporary crown. In about two weeks, the permanent porcelain crown will be bonded into place.

With one appointment crown treatment available, our team can create and fit you with a custom matched dental crown in a single appointment. Sedation options are offered to keep you comfortable while we perform the full procedure in on sitting appointment. You’ll leave that very day with a permanent crown!

Let’s Get Started!

Putting off a crown treatment could jeopardize the health of the
tooth and cause it to be lost completely. Contact us today to get