Same Day Dental Crowns

At Linden Dental Associates, we may use CEREC technology to provide dental crowns in a single appointment. 

What are One Appointment Crowns? 

Made of porcelain, single visit crowns are as strong and durable as their traditional two-visit counterparts. The only difference is that they are designed and placed in a single visit. But that’s not all – same day crowns have several advantages for patients:

  • Permanent restoration the very same day
  • No messy, uncomfortable impressions of your mouth
  • Eliminates the need for a temporary crown
  • No second appointment to place a permanent crown
  • Only requires one set of numbing injections
  • Provides greater comfort during your treatment
  • Results in a precision fitting, natural looking crown

How Do We Place Permanent Crowns in a Single Appointment?

Until recent years, dental crown treatments required at least two appointments to complete. With the expansion of advanced dental technology, patients can have crown treatments performed in a single appointment.

Our dental team will first prep the tooth for a crown and then perform a 3D virtual scan using our in-house imaging software. This data is used to create a customized, perfectly fitting crown on the spot with a state of the art CEREC machine. The final crown is gently placed in your mouth, secured and polished to a natural shine. The result is a stunning smile in a single appointment!

Ready for a Single-Visit Crown?

If you have teeth in need of repair, we would love to discuss
dental crowns with you. Please schedule your visit with us today!