A pretty young woman with a bright, white smile lying in the dentist's chair having a checkup

Relax With Safely-Administered Laughing Gas

For patients who may experience mild discomfort during their dental treatments, or for patients who struggle to remain still and calm during their appointment, our team may recommend the use of Nitrous Oxide.

Commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” this easily administered analgesic can be included in almost any dental visit at our dental office. Advantages of Nitrous Oxide include:

  • Used to relax patients before anesthetic is administered
  • Gets to work immediately when applied
  • Can be strengthened or lessened moment by moment
  • Eliminates the “gagging” reflex during treatment
  • Effects that wear off instantly after your appointment
  • No lingering “hangover” that affects motor skills

N.O. Gas has been used by dentists for centuries. Administered through a comfortable nasal apparatus, patients generally experience a pain-free conscious state within two to three minutes.

Each patient is closely monitored by a certified member of our team and administered by one of our dentists. As soon as the dental treatment is completed, the nitrous oxide is turned off and the patient inhales 100% oxygen until the analgesic effects are reversed. Patients can safely return to work or school without missing a beat!

A Safe Option For An Enjoyable Appointment

Nitrous is safe and effective for almost every dental patient! However, we conduct a medical history review as well as discuss any medications that you are currently taking to ensure that nitrous is safe for you. Are you ready to experience a comfortable, painless dental appointment? Schedule your appointment today!