You Won’t Feel A Thing!

Comfort always comes first at Linden Dental Associates. To provide comfortable dental treatment, we offer a variety of gently administered numbing agents.

Why local anesthesia? It’s a safe way to minimize pain and discomfort for a variety of treatments and procedures. These numbing agents:

  • Typically last 3-4 hours
  • Are applied directly to the surface of teeth or gums
  • Numb the entire mouth or a particular area
  • Are extremely affordable

Local anesthesia is generally included in the fee for each of our full-service dental treatments. Our doctors gently administer the solution, keeping you as comfortable as possible during your visit.

When Do You Need Local Anesthesia?

Not all of our dental services require the use of anesthesia, but it may be provided upon patient request. Perio therapy treatments are one example of when anesthesia is an option. Many restorative services, such as fillings or crowns, typically require numbing the tooth to prevent nerve sensitivity when prepping the tooth for treatment.

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