Dental gypsum models in dental laboratory

Rebuilding Smiles with Fixed Bridges

Dental bridges are just one method we employ to restore beautiful smiles.

Fixed dental bridges replace one or two teeth with a permanent restoration. The replacement apparatus is supported by healthy neighboring teeth and fitted for comfort and function. With a dental bridge, our smile repair experts are able to:

  • Replace one or two missing teeth
  • Repair both front-facing teeth and teeth in the back of the mouth
  • Provide an alternative to more extensive tooth replacement options
  • Permanently anchor artificial teeth in place
  • Closely match the color of existing teeth

Natural Form

By design, dental bridges function similar to 3 or 4 porcelain crowns bonded side by side. The crowns on either end of the restoration are anchored onto abutment teeth, with the false crowns suspended between.

How Treatment Works with Dental Bridges

A bridge operates by anchoring a porcelain crown to two healthy teeth, creating a restoration that looks and functions like a natural tooth.

To create your dental bridge, our team will take a mold of your teeth so that our lab can create a custom-fitted restoration. Carefully selecting a material that resembles that of the tooth’s natural color, a fixed bridge is designed with safe and long-lasting materials. You will return within two weeks and have the bridged bonded into place by our dentists.

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